Some stories are beginning to come in from folks around the country who feel comfortable to share their experiences during the “Great Recession” of 2008 and the years following.

I have seen folks who experienced losing everything – their jobs, medical benefits, home, and in some cases, families.   Some turned to alcohol and other addictive compounds. Yet others clenched their teeth and defied what was thought to be the final outcome by …….

I am a motivational speaker and writer. Yet I am a realist. This is not a blog about smoke and mirrors and how we “should react” or “should do” in times of extreme crisis.   This blog is about what we really do – some with heroic actions, some with quiet and anonymous actions. There are some with defeatist or self-sabotaging actions. These are very real human responses to events, which cannot be diverted or avoided.

We will look together at these real folks with lives and families, each of which with 24 hours in every day and lives to live no matter the events which impact them.   We will see the motivation in these lives.   I will predict that each will take a different course or path and prove there is no one, right way to overcome or renew.   There are some similarities and consistencies, which can greatly improve the outcome. These will be the pearls of wisdom we will investigate along the way.

Be sure to send in your stories to     In the subject line, please put:   Recession: My story; for ease of spotting your story.

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