It has been quite a hiatus for me since actively working my motivational speaking business.   A strange thing happened to me on the way to life.   Actually many strange and tragic events totally benched my life.   Although I do not feel I have totally popped out the other end yet, a good part of the looking glass has cleared and the reflections are coming into perspective.

2008 brought the “Great Recession” to the United States. I’m sure that some of you hardly felt a bump of an impact. Yet others experienced great devastation from the collapse of the housing market, Wall Street and other “ripple” effects.   Others felt a little “speed bump” or witnessed others around you suffer from the recessionary tumult. Each of us was aware that there was trouble afoot. The newspapers, Internet and nightly news made sure we were updated daily of the loss of jobs – increase in unemployment, folks walking away from their home mortgages due to the implosion of the housing market and the “upside down” values vs mortgage amounts.

I was working for the VA at the time. With the loss of jobs came loss of benefits and many new enrollees came to the VA for affordable medical coverage after losing jobs and benefits for themselves and their families.   These folks were absorbed into an already stretched and underfunded Government system.

Just like everyone else, I was affected by the events of those years. My timing could not have been worse in life-changing decisions, which fortunately, only affected myself for the most part.   In future offerings, I will be discussing how decisions we made at this critical time of life shaped our futures in the better times yet to come.

My offerings in this blog and live events are always motivational in nature. Leading up to the events of heroism, tough decisions and fearless forward movements are oftentimes fueled by the worst of events.   I will be sharing these and how decisions at the right time can turn disaster end-over-end until calm, compassion and bring hope for the moments, days and years ahead.

A request for your stories during this time has been elicited.   Only real-life can demonstrate the win over debilitating odds.   Whether or not you feel that you have beat the odds or not, your story should be a part of this series.

Email your story to with the following in the subject line: Recession – My Story.    We will be able to spot you immediately.

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