What have you been doing since the big recession hit in 2008?

I would like you to write in and share some your memorable events of this difficult time in the United States.

Items of interest would be how your life was impacted financially; which may reflects your career status or your resources.   Perhaps you just completed school and your thoughts of employment were derailed.   How about your retirement? Was your date of retirement delayed? Did you postpone and continue working? Or, were you rushed into retirement because your job was eliminated?

Family life for many changed. Can you relate the recession to changes in your relationships or living arrangements?   Many lost their homes and moved to living with parents or parents with children or other novel arrangements.   Share your experiences during this time between 2008 and 2012.

Why would I want you to re-hash these experiences? I am interested in your reflections on this time following 4 recovery years. I know there are many stories out there of folks who weathered severe circumstances and have come through the tumultuous time.   I want to know what you endured and how your live was impacted by it.

If you want to share privately with me and do not want your story or name mentioned in my blog, be sure and tell me in your submission.   I will always respect your privacy.

Send your story to Kerry@KerryStrickland.com.   Subject Line: Recession – My Story.

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