Motivation comes from within; being fueled by need, urgency, reward, pleasure, self-esteem, passion, fear or excitement.

I chose an early retirement from my “day job” working for the US Government to focus on the remainder of my productive days. Being self-employed once again is a breath of fresh air! Grateful describes how I feel having had the opportunity to work for the Government during the time of high unemployment and recession. Yet there is a yearning, which goes deep for those of us who are true “entrepreneurs” and consider any other form of ‘employment’ short-term.


Motivation is my targeted topic in writing, coaching and mentoring arena. My “motivation” for choosing this area appeals to my natural instincts of assisting others achieve their dreams. I rejoice in the knowledge that as human beings, we have the ability to overcome and subdue what some may call insurmountable obstacles and achieve success against “all odds”.


When being selected for a keynote address or to facilitate a workshop, I must always take the following thought into consideration. “Motivation means different things to different folks”.


To a 7 year old, motivation may be the threat of no TV or friends to play with, if the bedroom isn’t picked up.   To the mid-teenager, it may be the loss of using the car for a couple of weeks. To the newlywed it could be the promise of a wonderful tropical honeymoon vacation if enough money can be saved. To the person in mid-life, it could be paying off the house mortgage to free up a sizeable sum of money to invest. For the person about to retire, it could be stepping up good eating and exercise habits to assure many years of healthy life.


Are getting the gist of where I am going? Motivation of any human being requires an in-depth knowledge of the individual.   Guidance of an individual toward self-realization and self-awareness helps reveal true desire and motivational methods follow. This is a paradox, as most folks do not, nor have not, taken the time for self-realization.


Most of us grow up, learn what our families and surroundings teach us by word, deed and observation; follow the path we feel has been laid out for us and continue into adulthood fulfilling expectations and responsibilities. To be honest, there is little time for self-awareness or realization and very little, if any, conversation devoted to it.


Some may not know that self-awareness and self-discovery identifies the path to true desire and happiness.  In each case, the depth of self is necessary to map the steps toward fulfillment. All of this distills into one short question.


“Do you know who you are?”


Disclaimer: Kerry K Strickland does not present herself as a formally educated professional in any area of mental health or counseling. She achieved the credentials of ‘US Federal Government Certified Mentor/Coach’ and presents herself as a student of all that surrounds her. She has spent years observing, speaking to and helping people of all ages. Her degree is self-assigned as “an older mamma that has been very active living life; being up front and present”.

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