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Testimonials for Kerry Strickland

Kerry was right on target with our audience of local business people!  A motivational speaker whose presentation of her Junior Achievement student experience, and subsequent success in self-employment, truly motivated our business leaders to continue in their financial and volunteer activities.  Kerry is an inspiration to many.

Debra Bowen

Executive Director, Junior Achievement of the Greater Tri-cities, WA

Kerry taught me I had choices and even though something may look impossible, it can be done.  She walked me through what I needed to do.  She showed me that I could give myself the freedom to let go of the past mistakes and change bad habits.  We are now up to date on ALL our bills, and starting to put money in savings for the future.  This is the greatest feeling!  Kerry made a huge difference in my family’s life.

Kathy P.

Cleveland, OH

Two words I’ve never heard my mom utter are ‘I can’t’.  She is a woman of enthusiasm and self assurance, who knows no limits to her own capabilities.  She has never played the victim, and instead has confronted injustices to herself, and to others, head on with confidence and with resolve.  Over the years she taught me many things.  I seek to do my best for no other purpose than to do my best.  This can undoubtedly be attributed to my mother’s influence and her unquestionable pursuit of excellence in everything that she does.  Achieving personal excellence is one foundational point included in all her speaking and teaching engagements.

Daniel G. Strickland

Graduate Student, Stanford University, CA

Kerry is so outgoing and enthusiastic!!  In a short time, I have been amazed at her generous contribution to the LGBT community and the Vista Youth Center growth with her willingness to jump in help with many projects.

Mark Lee

Board Chair, Vista Youth Center

Personally, I was in a financial rut, flailing about—doing okay but certainly not living up to my potential.  After participating in the Banker’s Boxes Workshop I came away energized and with a new awareness of the possibilities.  Kerry Strickland, the 5 foot dynamo motivational speaker, shared her personal financial strategies and life lessons.  She provided the tools to help me get started to reach my financial potential by running my family finances as a business.  It certainly opened my eyes and helped me give myself permission to succeed.

Lucie Semeniuk

Kerry truly has the gift of communication with young adults.  Her greatest gift as a school motivational speaker is that of encouragement as she shares life’s basic truths, intertwined with her own personal experiences.  Kerry left a memorable imprint upon the hearts and minds of the students.

Erin Beary

Ecumenical & Multifaith Minister, Seattle University

Thank you so much for your motivational presentation last evening at our support group.  You are a very dynamic speaker and your information was very inspiring.  You’ve really shown what ‘moving forward’ is all about!

Terri Davari

NP, Surgical Weight Loss Clinic of Eastern Washington

I strongly recommend Kerry Strickland.  With her, a company gets not only inspiring motivational speaking for their conference or keynote speaking engagements, but also an effective teacher and extremely hard worker for their organization’s team.

Medda R.


Our sessions were focused, efficient and fun.  Kerry has unlimited patience and is very organized which made her excellent for group presentations.  Kerry has a professional attitude and is extremely personable so my staff felt as comfortable as I did working with her.

Kathleen A.

M.D., Michigan

When a company hires Kerry, they get someone who has done her homework and knows her topic.  The best way to describe her is enthusiastic, personable and fun!  Your group will be motivated and encouraged and will receive concrete information to further personal achievement.

Margaret C. Armstrong

Administrative & Education Pastor, Cathedral of Joy

Speaker’s Bio—

Kerry Strickland brings years of business knowledge and life experience to her career as a motivational speaker. She has been “breaking out of the box” from an early age—choosing education, careers and activities unusual for her stature, her education or for women. Kerry is an inspirational speaker…
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Speaker Credentials

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Published Author
  • Government Certified Coach/Mentor
  • Successful Business Owner
  • Trainer 20+ Years: Government & Private Sector
  • Training Materials Writer/Developer
  • Program Management & Other Related Education/Skills

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