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Kerry Strickland Professional SpeakerKerry Strickland brings years of business knowledge and life experience to her professional speaking career.  She has been “breaking out of the box” from an early age—choosing education, careers and activities unusual for her stature, her education or for women.  She is an exuberant speaker with strong gifts of encouragement for self-discovery, self-assurance and achievement.  Kerry believes we are all designed for greatness and accomplishment, and with a unique style of presenting practical methods and tools with conviction and humor brings great value to your organization. She uses humor and real life experience to share practical methods and tools which are easy to grasp by the employees in your company or organization, women’s groups or students from 7th grade through college. Mostly, she is a very unique “mama type” who tells it like it is—her life a living testament to her message. Being a native of Spokane, Washington, Kerry Strickland has remained in the beautiful Pacific Northwest throughout adulthood and currently resides in Vancouver, Washington.  She has logged 35 years in the Medical field beginning with her degree as a Cardiopulmonary Technician. Through her own public relations work, Kerry was successfully self-employed for 10 years providing transcription service for multiple physicians and clinics.  Kerry was the lead individual in medical data development and software training for a contemporary electronic medical records company, and traveled extensively in the US.  She also spent 12 years in the insurance industry both on the company and agency side. Volunteer activities in both a service and teaching capacity have been of great importance to Kerry throughout her life. From 1983 to 1984 she served as President of the Pasco Business and Professional Women’s Luncheon Club — a national organization promoting women in business; educating through speakers on topics of interest, and providing scholarships to women re-entering higher education and for women entering college following high school. One of her greatest loves was being a 7th Grade Junior Achievement classroom business mentor; her goal being to teach young people the art of personal finance, job application writing and interviewing. Kerry has taught Sunday School curriculum to kids from Kindergarten up through High School in excess of 15 years—seven of which she was Superintendent and led 21 adult volunteers to facilitate the Sunday School Program.  Strickland served on the Board of Directors for the Vista Youth Center in Kennewick, WA working to create a resource and computer center, tutoring facility, fun activity center, and most importantly—a safe place for GLBT youth in the Tri-Cities for two years during the start-up infancy. [The Quest Youth Center opened its doors March 2007 and has provided safe sanctuary to hundreds of area youth since that time.] Kerry’s mode of relaxation includes writing, golfing, camping, tennis, exercising and motorcycle riding.  She had one son, Daniel Strickland, who received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University at 26 years of age and was  an Associate Professor and doing research work at Santa Clara University when his life was taken by a drinking and inattentive driver on a California freeway (9/22/2011). Kerry is currently writing a non-fictional account of a major life-altering milestones in her life.  At age 50, she no longer could continue being a foreigner to her emotions and thought process.  By first telling her husband of many years and then her college-aged son, she began the process migration from her heterosexual life. This writing will be offered as a stand-alone or in conjunction with presentation; being available in the future.

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Kerry Strickland brings years of business knowledge and life experience to her career as a motivational speaker. She has been “breaking out of the box” from an early age—choosing education, careers and activities unusual for her stature, her education or for women. Kerry is an inspirational speaker…
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  • Keynote Speaker
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Published Author
  • Government Certified Coach/Mentor
  • Successful Business Owner
  • Trainer 20+ Years: Government & Private Sector
  • Training Materials Writer/Developer
  • Program Management & Other Related Education/Skills

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