Kerry Strickland Breaking Out Of The Box Motivational Presentations

Kerry Strickland Speaker’s Box

“What box?” you ask—

You know, that stale, cardboard excuse for a box that was your latest corporate-motivational-presentations-keynotes team building, the previous decade’s ‘ho-hum’ school assemblies, or last year’s ‘less-than-memorable’ conference keynote speaker… Well, welcome to the new paradigm! Introducing Kerry Strickland, a truly ‘outside the box’ motivational speaker with presentations and workshops designed to help you and your organization start thinking and LIVING outside the box. Kerry’s intense and poignant motivational presentations are juxtaposed with just the right mix of humor and entertainment appropriate to her audience. Attendees leave inspired, motivated, and fully charged for success.


Kerry Strickland Out Of The Box Motivational Speaker‘Out Of The Box’ Motivational Presentations for:

Speaker’s Bio—

Kerry Strickland brings years of business knowledge and life experience to her career as a motivational speaker. She has been “breaking out of the box” from an early age—choosing education, careers and activities unusual for her stature, her education or for women. Kerry is an inspirational speaker…
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Speaker Credentials

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Published Author
  • Government Certified Coach/Mentor
  • Successful Business Owner
  • Trainer 20+ Years: Government & Private Sector
  • Training Materials Writer/Developer
  • Program Management & Other Related Education/Skills

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