Kerry Strickland Breaking Out Of The Box Presentations

School Assembly Speaker & College Keynotes

High School Assembly Speaker—

Looking for a motivational speaker for your next high school assembly? One who won’t get “boo-ed” off the stage or incite a raucous, but will still keep the students energized, engaged and maybe even—gasp!—teach them something?

Kerry Strickland’s unique presentation style—yes, there will be theatrics—captivates today’s youth and keeps their attention throughout the entire high school assembly. More importantly though, Kerry is a school motivational speaker who knows the issues our youth are facing, and with a ‘no nonsense’ attitude gets right to the heart of matters important to them.

Whether it’s self-empowerment, recognizing challenges, or encouraging superheroism, Kerry’s motivational school assembly presentations support and inspire our youth to be the best they can be.

College Keynote Speaker—

For today’s college and university students it’s about success. Success in school. Success in career. And success in life.

College keynote speaker Kerry Strickland speaks to students about what it takes to succeed and offers straight-forward tools for finding fulfillment and success in whatever they pursue.

Motivate students to success with Kerry’s Orientation Keynote, which helps them focus and prepare for their higher education journey, or inspire them to greatness within through her Graduation Keynote as they prepare to take their first steps into ‘the real world’.

High School and College

High School Assembly Speaker

College Keynote Speaker

Youth Empowerment

Support for Youth Challenges

School Keynote & Motivational Speaking Topics:

‘Breaking Out’ Presentations For:

  • Organizational Growth
  • Group Strengthening
  • Team Building
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Employee Morale
  • Empowerment
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Diversity & Growth
  • Litigation Prevention
  • HR & Management Education
  • Continuing Education

Need more than just a presentation or keynote?

Workshops & Seminars

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