Kerry Strickland Breaking Out Of The Box Presentations

Motivating Groups and Organizations

Inspiring Your Organization—

At the heart of every organization are the individuals. Embracing and empowering the individuals in your group strengthens the organization and promotes growth by encouraging a sense of pride and ownership. If you want your organization to excel, Kerry’s presentations, workshops and seminars are sure to inspire and motivate your members to achieve individual as well as organizational growth and excellence. As a motivational speaker, Kerry excels in inspiration.

Women’s Groups Motivational Speaker—

Simply put, Kerry Strickland is a mother, a wife, a professional business woman, and a female motivational speaker who speaks from real-life experience to women’s groups about the specific challenges and opportunities women’s groups face.

Religious Organizations, Churches, and Church Youth Groups—

Kerry has brought inspiration and motivation to religious organizations, church groups and church youth groups in excess of 15 years. As an MCC member, a former teacher of Sunday School curriculum to kids from Kindergarten up through High School, and 7-year Superintendent facilitating a Sunday School Program—Kerry is well experienced with the foundations of religious organizations and how to inspire and motivate member dedication and growth.

LGBT Community—

Kerry is committed to supporting and empowering the LGBT community and gay-friendly organizations and businesses. Through her work with Vista Youth Center, a LGBT QA Youth Drop-in Center, Kerry helps provide a safe place for LGBT youth in the Tri-Cities area.

Her acclaimed presentation topic “Safety Boxes“, customized for the LGBT community, speaks candidly and directly about some of the challenges they face and how to create safe places, eliminate insecurity, and experience life in greater fullness.

What’s Inside Your Box?” motivates attendees inside and outside the LGBT community to explore and discover personal prejudices, then teaches conquering techniques to process and transform those prejudices for improved social, educational and work relationships.

Groups and Organizations:

Nonprofit Groups  |  Mixed Groups

Women’s Groups  |  LGBT Community & Gay Friendly Groups

Religious Organizations  |  Church Groups  |  Youth Groups

Parenting Education  |  Organizational Growth

Group Strengthening

Presentation Topics for Groups & Organizations:

‘Breaking Out’ Presentations For:

  • Organizational Growth
  • Group Strengthening
  • Team Building
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Employee Morale
  • Empowerment
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Diversity & Growth
  • Litigation Prevention
  • HR & Management Education
  • Continuing Education

Need more than just a presentation or keynote?

Workshops & Seminars

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