“Soaring Above the Box”

When You Need – or Need to Become – a Superhero shared in a 30 or 45 minute stand-alone school assembly presentation.

When You Need—or Need To Become—a Superhero

Where do our young people turn when trying to make choices and confront life’s challenges? When is it okay to go the same direction as the crowd? When do you need to break away from the crowd or change the direction the crowd is going? And when is it necessary to speed ahead of others to make an accomplishment? Or slow down before making life-changing choices? The lure of drugs, alcohol and tobacco are choices our youth face. Some are also faced with extreme challenges such as dealing with abuse, personal identity issues and suicide. The bottom line is that at times we all need a superhero—at other times, we need to be that superhero. This interactive presentation delves into these tough questions and issues, becoming a self-revealing disclosure of the superhero inside as the students acknowledge their need for a super hero. Dressed in her superhero motorcycle leathers, while using guided interaction, Kerry helps youth sort through the myriad of choices and uncertainties they face as young adults. Each student will discover how a superhero would help them. Kerry grants each student permission to become a hero in the life of someone else and shares when to call upon the help of an adult. Filled with humor, outrageous life anecdotes and just plain fun, young people will leave fueled with self-worth and the discovery of their own special superhero power.

Customizable Presentation Options / Talking Points

Some or all of the following topic points will be included depending on presentation objectives, audience demographics, and time allotment.

School Administration – Teachers / Youth Organizations

  • Reaffirming individual student values
  • Reaffirming the value of good choices
  • Listening to the superhero inside when making personal choices
  • Tapping into your inner superhero when facing tough decisions or challenges
  • When to be a superhero for someone else and when to get adult help

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