“Building Blocks, not Boxes”

A Real-Life Guide to Raising Successful Children delivered in a 60 minute stand-alone presentation or a one to two day seminar/workshop.

A Real-Life Guide to Raising Successful Children

Successful children have high standards and goals, dream great dreams and are instilled with confidence to achieve them. They don’t live in boxes—they stand fully supported on Building Blocks, nurtured by their caregivers.

This inspirational presentation topic is a hands-on, real-life guide for parents and caregivers. You will learn practical methods and tools to develop the fundamental Building Blocks that will support and nourish your successful child.

You will be inspired to action by reports of children’s achievements and parents who embraced their nurturing role. You will be offered a plan of action—a course map—that will put specific methods and tools in your hands.

This presentation includes stories of people who have raised “normal” children and stories from those who have raised children with special needs or challenges. All of these parents’ children have accomplished far more than was ever predicted or expected! These stories are a testament to the power of encouragement and belief in the unseen potential inside all children!

Through active dialogue, you will learn that you are not alone in your thoughts and fears. You will receive encouragement and real-life plans from parents just like yourself, who have learned many secrets and tools along the way.

You will learn to build a lifelong, supportive relationship with your child. And you’ll walk away with the keys to unlock your child’s endless potential.

(At the request of her now deceased son, Kerry is writing a combination book/workbook on the topic of bringing  up your child)  To quote Kerry, “Dan and I were walking along the sidewalk by the pier in San Francisco”.  “He stopped me and commented”.  ‘Mom, I remember how you raised me from about 15 years old and on, but I have no idea what you did to get me to that point’.  ‘Would you please write it down for me – I want to raise my kids exactly the same way’.  As imagined, there is no great affirmation from a child than hearing this comment.  Sadly, Daniel was unable to use these pearls of wisdom as his life was cut short in 2011.


Customizable Presentation Options / Talking Points

Some or all of the following topic points will be included depending on presentation objectives, audience demographics, and time allotment.

Corporations & Small Businesses

  • Raising the next generation to have high standards and goals
  • Empowering children to meet and exceed corporate-motivational-presentations-keynotes demands
  • Alleviating the stress associated with balancing career and child care giving
  • Providing a valued employee benefit

Human Resource and Nonprofit Groups

  • Breaking repetitive negative patterns in children’s lives
  • Creating and maintaining a balance with your career and child care giving
  • Attaining success both in the workplace and with raising your children
  • Gaining energy from your children—rather than having them drain your energy

LGBT Community

  • “How to” steps for LGBT parents in child rearing and goal setting
  • Blending families with successful outcomes
  • Addressing community concerns and comments with positive results
  • Enlarging your LGBT family through adoption or foster care
  • Affirmation techniques for building blocks
Women’s Organizations / Religious Organizations / Mixed Groups

  • ‘How to’ steps for parents in child rearing and goal setting
  • Your clear vision—the kids you have are the ones you are meant to have
  • Affirmation techniques for Building Blocks
  • How and when to release—preparing them and yourself

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