“Bankers’ Boxes”

Taking Personal Finance from Mediocrity to Empowered available in a 45 or 60 minute stand-alone presentation or a one to two day seminar/workshop.

Taking Personal Finance from Mediocrity to Empowered

Learning the basics of financial management is easy — in fact, we’ll even cover them here — and then we’ll show you how to use these basics to step into full financial empowerment.

Goal setting and responsibility are two key elements for financial empowerment. More than an introduction to Personal Finance 101, “Bankers’ Boxes” outlines these essentials, as well as other fundamentals, so you have the knowledge to create a solid financial foundation.

The basics of checking accounts, saving accounts, credit, insurance, investments, money management, goal setting and planning for both rainy and sunny days are explained. Each attendee will receive a step-by-step workbook to take home for continued guidance.

This presentation is perfect for those in high school or college who need a strong financial education; for couples or singles beginning their independent financial journey; and for those well on their journey who would like increased financial stability. No matter what your financial and education level, learn how you can make modifications to improve or enhance your current financial position.

You will conclude this session with an empowered financial attitude. You will know what financial shape you are in and where you are headed. The confusion and fear of money management will melt away as you gain knowledge. Develop confidence as you explore the bigger picture of what great money management allows you to achieve. And take your own finances from mediocrity to empowered.


Customizable Presentation Options / Talking Points

Some or all of the following topic points will be included depending on presentation objectives, audience demographics, and time allotment.

Nonprofits & Mixed Adult Groups

  • Implementing strong basic money management to create concrete financial foundations
  • Pushing your financial future forward with goal setting
  • Replacing financial confusion with knowledge and empowerment

LGBT Community

  • Implementing strong basic money management as a single LGBT individual or with your partner
  • Creating an empowered financial future when merging lives and dreams
  • Replacing financial confusion with knowledge and direction

College / High School

  • Strong basic money management techniques for the outset of your financial life
  • Building a new generation of financially knowledgeable and empowered people
  • Avoiding bad financial habits, which cripple individual and economic growth

We are now up to date on ALL our bills, and starting to put money in savings for the future.  Kerry made a huge difference in my family’s life.

Kathy P.

"Bankers' Boxes" Attendee

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