“Breaking Down the ‘I Can’t’ Box”

When Purpose, Passion and Perfect Timing Collide presented in a 45 or 60 minute stand-alone presentation or a one to two day seminar/workshop.

When Purpose, Passion and Perfect Timing Collide

It’s amazing what’s possible with a “can do” attitude. Break down that “I can’t” box and discover a whole new future full of purpose and fulfillment! With your new “I can” box you will release your passion, grant yourself permission to plan your next steps and wait for the perfect timing to implement your plans.

Kerry humorously enlightens you to three universal truths for finding fulfillment. Discover why some things in your life haven’t worked and why others have. Take this knowledge into your future and turn “I can’t” into “I CAN.”

Most of us keep our dreams to ourselves. Why? We may think our dreams are dumb or impossible. Maybe others would laugh at us if they knew our dreams. We may believe we don’t deserve to have our dreams materialize.

In this humorous presentation your mind will float and hover over your dreams. No passion or purpose will be excluded for any reason! You will learn the three greatest universal truths that will propel you toward fulfilling your purpose and passion.

Re-enter your life with renewed anticipation about what great accomplishments your future holds! You will leave filled with personal insight, renewed vision of your future and empowered to turn “I can’t” into “I CAN.”


Customizable Presentation Options / Talking Points

Some or all of the following topic points will be included depending on presentation objectives, audience demographics, and time allotment.

Mixed-Groups / Civic Organizations / Religious Organizations

  • Making the three great universal truths work for your organization
  • Revitalizing your organization’s purpose and passion
  • Re-energizing your human resources

College / Junior – Senior High School Students

  • Planning a career with purpose and passion
  • Applying momentum to your convictions
  • Embracing the three great universal truths to find fulfillment

Religious Youth Groups / Retreats

  • Understanding and implementing God’s will for your life
  • Incorporating the three great universal truths into your life plan
  • Bringing momentum and conviction to your purpose and passion

LGBT Community

  • Does the LGBT individual have more obstacles to overcome in fulfilling purpose?
  • Planning your career with purpose and passion
  • Applying momentum to your convictions
  • Embracing three great universal truths and incorporate-motivational-presentations-keynotes them into your life plan

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