“Breaking Out of the Self-Imprisonment Box”

Becoming your “Authentic Self” delivered in a 45 or 60 minute stand-alone presentation or a one to two day seminar/workshop.

Becoming your “Authentic Self”

Throughout a lifetime of fear and self-imprisonment, Kerry will fully disclose how torturous the road has been in exposing her darkest secret—Lesbianism.

In amazement to all, behind her many lifetime successes, has been an energy-draining maintenance to a heterosexual presentation.  Many years were spent suppressing her lesbian desires and striving to find happiness through Church, prayer and living the heterosexual lifestyle; hoping that living it would make her mind-set follow.  It did not.

This presentation is one designed for anyone who is treading the same pathway and desires a better understanding of the process to a healthy outcome. It is also one for the mainstream Church who truly wants to understand a little-understood phenomenon. It would be a bold Church indeed who would invite Kerry to speak about her journey throughout 50 years; 28 of which were spent in Assembly of God and a large non-denominational church holding positions of Sunday School Superintendent and Master Bible and Story Teller of youth.

This is also a presentation to anyone who is bound with self-hatred or loathing. This is truly life and death motivated; freedom vs. prison; breath vs. suffocation; nurturing vs. defeatism; expansion vs. confinement and honesty vs. deceit. “Breaking out of the Self-Imprisonment Box” shows how life, freedom, breath, nurturing, self-expansion & honesty bring freedom and builds no barriers. This is a presentation for anyone with life issues which are being kept in the dark recesses of life and the freedom which can be achieve through truth, honesty; all in the proper time and place.

If you have something in your life which is encasing you, this presentation is for you. Kerry’s life story will move you, but will also impart insights into breaking the bondage of self-imprisonment. There comes a time when you have to move beyond yourself, beyond your fears, beyond your guilt and “Break Out of the Box”.


Customizable Presentation Options / Talking Points

Some or all of the following topic points will be included depending on presentation objectives, audience demographics, and time allotment.

Corporations & Small Businesses

  • Making your work environment safe and productive
  • Empowering you and your employees to embrace diversity
  • Alleviating the stress associated with ambiguity of acceptance of diversity in the workplace
  • Providing a valued employee benefit

Human Resource and Nonprofit Groups

  • Breaking repetitive negative patterns toward individuals
  • “How to” steps which allowed transition
  • The reality and hurt of change – especially those around us
  • Gaining energy from your truth – spreading the energy to those you love
  • “How to” steps for those laboring to  “Break Out”

LGBT Community

  • “How to” steps for those laboring to “Break Out”
  • Accepting your new “family” who should have been with you all along
  • Addressing community concerns and comments with positive results
  • Enlarging your LGBT family through acceptance and caring
  • Affirmation techniques for building blocks

Women’s Organizations / Religious Organizations / Mixed Groups

  • Expand your view of humanity
  • Your clear vision—the people who surround us
  • Affirmation techniques for Building Blocks of Understanding
  • How to release your fear and anger – and become a better you

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