Kerry Strickland Breaking Out Of The Box Presentations

Motivational Presentation Topics

Motivational presentation topics for LIVING ‘Outside The Box’ are available on: Raising Successful Children, Eliminating Insecurity and Building Safe Places, Personal Finance, Prejudices, Choices for Young Adults, and Self Empowerment.

Presentation topics are designed to be stand-alone 30, 45 or 60 minute engagements for conference keynote, corporate-motivational-presentations-keynotes team-building, school assemblies or organizational events. Seminars and workshops are available for one to two day bookings.

Building Blocks, not Boxes

A Real-Life Guide to Raising Successful Children

Successful children have high standards and goals, dream great dreams and are instilled with confidence to achieve them. They don’t live in boxes—they stand fully supported on Building Blocks, nurtured by their caregivers. This inspirational presentation topic is a hands-on, real-life guide for parents and caregivers. You will learn practical methods and tools to develop the fundamental Building Blocks that will support and nourish your successful child. You will learn to build a lifelong, supportive relationship with your child. And you’ll walk away with the keys to unlock your child’s endless potential. [read more]

Safety Boxes

Eliminating (in)Security and Building Safe Places

Is that security or insecurity in your Safety Box? In this motivational speaking topic, you will learn the definition of a safe place, including why we need security and what it can do for us. Learn how to spot your own personal safety issues and construct a safe personal and corporate-motivational-presentations-keynotes environment where you and those around you can thrive. Eliminating insecurity encourages personal development and freedom to dream and experience life in greater fullness. Corporate employees and management will experience greater productivity, team spirit and will actually look forward to going to work. As individuals, you will learn just what it takes to unleash your inner dreams. Don’t simply survive, but thrive outside your Safety Box! [read more]

Bankers’ Boxes

Taking Personal Finance from Mediocrity to Empowered

Learning the basics of personal financial management is easy — in fact, we’ll even cover them in this presentation topic — and then we’ll show you how to use these basics to step into full financial empowerment. Goal setting and responsibility are two key elements for financial empowerment. More than an introduction to Personal Finance 101, “Bankers’ Boxes” outlines these essentials, as well as other fundamentals, so you have the knowledge to create a solid financial foundation. Develop confidence as you explore the bigger picture of what great money management allows you to achieve. And take your own finances from mediocrity to empowered. [read more]

What’s Inside Your Box?

Bridging the Gap of Unknown Prejudices

Prejudices impair relationships, but we ALL have them. Through Kerry’s charismatic motivational presentation you’ll discover what prejudices you carry inside your box and learn how you can process them to improve your social, educational and work relationships. Become an encourager and turn prejudicial gaps into strong bridges that will carry you, your team and others to greater accomplishments! [read more]

Soaring Above the Box

When You Need—or Need To Become—a Superhero

Where do our young people turn when trying to make choices and confront life’s challenges? When is it okay to go the same direction as the crowd? When do you need to break away from the crowd or change the direction the crowd is going? And when is it necessary to speed ahead of others to make an accomplishment? Or slow down before making life-changing choices? The bottom line is that at times we all need a superhero—at other times, we need to be that superhero. This interactive motivational presentation topic reveals to today’s youth how to recognize when they need a superhero and what that superhero would do. Then they find that they each have a superhero inside themselves. Filled with humor, outrageous life anecdotes and just plain fun, young people will leave fueled with self-worth and the discovery of their own special superhero power. [read more]

Breaking Down the “I Can’t” Box

When Purpose, Passion and Perfect Timing Collide

It’s amazing what’s possible with a “can do” attitude. Break down that “I can’t” box and discover a whole new future full of purpose and fulfillment! With your new “I can” box you will release your passion, grant yourself permission to plan your next steps and wait for the perfect timing to implement your plans. Kerry humorously enlightens you to three universal truths for finding fulfillment in this truly inspirational and motivational presentation. Discover why some things in your life haven’t worked and why others have. Take this knowledge into your future and turn “I can’t” into “I CAN.” [read more]

Breaking Out of the Self-Imprisonment Box

Becoming your “Authentic Self”

Throughout a lifetime of fear and self-imprisonment, Kerry will fully disclose how torturous the road has been in exposing her darkest secret—Lesbianism. If you have something in your life which is encasing you, this presentation is for you.  Kerry’s life story will move you, but will also impart insights into breaking the bondage of self-imprisonment.    There comes a time when you have to move beyond yourself, beyond your fears, beyond your guilt and “Break Out of the Box”. [read more]

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