Is your company or organization ready to break out of the box?

Tired of the same old boring speaker presentations?

Do you want your next event to soar above all the others?

Then you're ready for Kerry Strickland!

A truly "outside the box" motivational speaker for Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops & Seminars

Kerry Strickland provides motivational speaking for corporate-motivational-presentations-keynotes events, conference keynote speaking engagements, school assemblies and motivational workshops and seminars.

Professional motivational speaking engagements and workshops on thinking and LIVING outside the box

Kerry Strickland Professional Speaker

Introducing Kerry Strickland

A truly ‘outside the box’ motivational speaker with presentations and workshops designed to help you and your organization start thinking and LIVING outside the box. Kerry Strickland brings years of business knowledge and life experience to her career as a motivational speaker. She has been “breaking out of the box” from an early age—choosing education, careers and activities unusual for her stature, her education or for women.
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My foundational message is that of respect, worth and value of the individual. My presentations capture the value and strength achieved from our differences and diversities.

—Kerry Strickland

Ready To Break Out?

Whatever type of box you have—and would like to break out of—Kerry can customize the perfect Breaking Out Of The Box presentation for your next event.

Available Speaking & Presentation Topics (Customizable As Needed)

Soaring Above the Box

When You Need—or Need To Become—a Superhero

Safety Boxes

Eliminating (in)Security and Building Safe Places

Bankers’ Boxes

Taking Personal Finance from Mediocrity to Empowered

What’s Inside Your Box?

Bridging the Gap of Unknown Prejudices

Building Blocks, not Boxes

A Real-Life Guide to Raising Successful Children

Breaking Down the “I Can’t” Box

When Purpose, Passion and Perfect Timing Collide

Breaking Out of the Self-Imprisonment Box

Becoming your “Authentic Self”

A motivational speaker whose presentation […] truly motivated our business leaders to continue in their financial and volunteer activities.

Debra Bowen

Personally, I was in a financial rut […] after participating in the Banker’s Boxes Workshop I came away energized and with a new awareness of the possibilities.

Lucie Semeniuk

[Kerry] is enthusiastic, personable and fun! Your group will be motivated and encouraged and will receive concrete information to further personal achievement.

Margaret C. Armstrong

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I’m sure you have heard of the term, “self-motivation”. The truth of the matter is, all motivation comes from self. As a “motivational speaker” I am able to provide insight, suggestions, solutions and even consequences I have observed or personally experienced; but only you can “motivate” you………

I claim my follow-through to be in servitude to the greater motivational good!!

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“I thought my motivation was money, funding my son’s college and my retirement, socialization and activity. As the first day grind-ed on, I discovered my real motivation was not to succumb to failure; but tackle a very difficult job and succeed! After 7 years of being a stay-at-home Mom, I had to prove to myself I still had what it takes to achieve what I set out to accomplish, in a stellar manner.”

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“Most of us grow up, learn what our families and surroundings teach us by word, deed and observation; follow the path we feel has been laid out for us and continue into adulthood fulfilling expectations and responsibilities…..Some may not know that self-awareness and self-discovery identifies the path to true desire and happiness. ‘Do you know who you are?'”

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